4/5 - I needed a Wig and more (Yes, I'm behind)

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4.90 star(s)
#'s 21 and 22 from ST, scans will be coming tomorrow of all the ST stuff :).

Ty Wigginton 1/4 in 23 days

Mr. T's Comment: Kept my other three, which I kind of wanted at least two back. He didn't return the Orioles or Rays card, but instead the Astros card. Makes you think he was a little bias in what you sign.

George Sherrill 1/3 in 23 days

Mr. T's Comment: Also kept my others, and personalized the one I returned. He climbed out of the Independent League, which is rare and at the same time a good story. He is also on my fantasy team as my primary closer, so I hope he has another good year in LA.