4 Boxes (2) 2022 Panini Mosaic FOTL Team Auction + (2) 2022 Panini Mosaic FOTL Random Team Break COMPLETE

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Jan 4, 2004
LIVE Break

Regardless of when this fills, I'm adding in a blaster box of 2022 Topps Gallery to a random winning bidder or random team spot.
All of the bid winners/random pickers will get randomized at the end of the random team draw.

Boxes are in hand!!

2022 Panini Mosaic First off the Line (FOTL)

Random Team Style + Auction Style! You can pick one or the other, or both!

Look for 3 autos, 1 mosaic green swirl, 1 mosaic pink swirl, 5 silver prizms, and 2 mosaic red prizms per box, on average!
15 cards per pack and 10 packs per box.
Key Rookies Confirmed in the product: Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., Wander Franco, O'neil Cruz, Spencer Torkelson

These will be done via Youtube for both the randomization and the actual group breaks.
Randomizations will be done on random.org with the amount of Randoms determine by two dice.

Random Teams (2 Boxes)

15 spots, 2 random teams per spot. $26 a spot (Paypal F&F)... $27.50 a spot for (Paypal G&S)

2022 Panini Mosaic First off the Line
1) molitor04x paid Miami, Arizona
2) klut18 paid Minnesota, Seattle
3) bdink25 paid NY AL, Milwaukee
4) molitor04x paid KC, LA AL
5) McGwirenut paid Toronto, NY NL
6) bdink25 paid SD, Chicago AL
7) fox21x paid Pittsburgh, Boston
8) horfin paid Philadelphia, Cincinnati
9) kpit1978 San Francisco, LA NL
10) Mcgwirenut paid Tampa, Detroit
11) horfin paid Atlanta, Cleveland
12) molitor04x paid Chicago NL, ST Louis
13) Fox21x paid Houston, Washington
14) kpit1978 Oakland, Colorado
15) Mcgwirenut paid Texas, Baltimore

Auction Teams (2 Boxes)
Fill @ $390.00 Paypal F&F (Paypal G&S add 4.9%)

2022 Panini Mosaic First off the Line
Baltimore $7 Molitor04x paid
Toronto $7 mcgwirenut paid
New York (AL) $12 LarryG paid
Boston $12 LarryG paid
Tampa $35 bdink25 paid
Detroit $20 Mcgwirenut paid
Minnesota $7 mcgwirenut paid
Chicago (AL) $6 Molitor04x paid
Kansas City $20 LarryG paid
Cleveland $12 LarryG paid
Seattle $35 Molitor04x paid
Texas $5 mcgwirenut paid
Houston $20 bdink25 paid
Oakland $4 mcgwirenut paid
Los Angeles (AL) $18 fox21x paid
Philadelphia $10 klut18 paid
Washington $7 Molitor04x paid
Atlanta $15 Molitor04x paid
Miami $20 Mcgwirenut paid
New York (NL) $8 bblair_2002 paid
Milwaukee $5 mcgwirenut paid
Chicago (NL) $12 r5-grnd-pndr paid
Pittsburgh $25 mcgwirenut paid
Cincinnati $6 Molitor04x paid
St Louis $18 bdink25 paid
Colorado $6 LarryG paid
Arizona $6 mcgwirenut paid
San Francisco $5 mcgwirenut paid
Los Angeles (NL) $8 LarryG paid
San Diego $19 bdink25 paid

Split between www.****************** + www.thebenchtrading.com
Thanks everyone for your interest in the break!
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$208 to go and 12 spots to go. Those mosaic swirls numbered to 10 or less and the possibility of the autographs /10 or less are only found in this FOTL... Here is your chance to pull a very very rare rookie auto!
1 random 9
$5 Bos, Phi, Cin, StL
$15 TB
$25 Sea
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Panini has shipped the boxes. Tracking has them coming sometime between Friday and Tuesday. Here’s the status


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ETA is 11/11

Let's fill these up!

If we can fill this up by Friday night 11/11 @ 1159pm eastern, I will throw in a blaster of 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball...
All of the bid winners/random pickers will get randomized at the end of the random team draw.