4 Boxes of 2020 Heritage Minors


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Opened four boxes today - have a couple more to do at some point.

Hits and Parallels

Flip Stock - Oneil Cruz
Missing Signature - Alex Kiriloff

Base Autos - Jacob Amaya, Jackson Rutledge
White Autos /50 - Braden Shewmake, Ethan Lindlow

Coin Relic Quarter /50 - Andrew Vaughn
Clubhouse Collection Relics - Isaac Peredes, Taylor Trammell, Mackenzie Gore

Blue Parallel /99 - PCL Game 3 Enderson Franco, Jeremiah Jackson
White Parallel /50 - Brayan Rocchio

David K.

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Okay....no much out their and if it is out their....they have high price tags....I'm buying stuff months ahead of time to lock in the prices before they go up......like updates scheduled to be release Nov 6......got one hobby box from third party and one hobby and one jumbo from local hobby store. Best regards, David