4 in 5/3!!!


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tom niedenfuer 3/3 c/o home 10 days...
dan schatzeder 3/3 c/o home 9 days...
ken gerhart 3/3 c/o home 42 days...
billy ripken 2/2 c/o home 496 days... the cards came back beat up pretty bad :( .. but still happy to get something back...



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i dont think i have ever seen one returned.. but its worth a shot if i had one i would try sending it to him....
Ironically, I saw a report of SCN from today. It reads:

Ripken, Billy (373 days) 2/2 - Signed Both my '89 Fleer F. Face cards

I guess that answers your question, as long as you are willing to wait for a while.

Ellis Shoe

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Yeah, I didnt have the guts to send the high dollar one when I sent, so I sent the black box version and got it signed. Also, his signature has gotten a lot shorter over the last couple years, but hey at least he still signs.