4 key 86 Mets for the PC today...


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Thank to Robert326 for the deal on the Backman and Darling. The Davey and Mitch were from ebay:

1986 Donruss Recollection Wally Backman Auto /67
2005 Topps Chrome Retired Ron Darling Auto
2008 Topps Gift Set Davey Johnson Auto (sealed)
2008 Topps Gift Set Kevin Mitchell Auto (only Mets cert.) (sealed)

Thanks for looking, Jeremy
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Sweet autos.

In case you want to hunt it down, Mitchell also has this 2008 Topps Update Ring of Honor Mets cert. auto:

I was a huge Mitchell fan back in the day and was psyched last year when he finally got a couple of certified Mets autos.

Now if only Hubie Brooks and Randy Myers would get Mets certified autos...



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Nice pickups. Had to pick up my Mitchell auto (same one Aaron has) on eBay as well. One of my resolutions for next year is I'm gonna start TTMing to some of the Mets World Series players who don't have pack certified autos.