4 more returns today


Bench Warmer
The reason why I have been receiving so many TTM's lately is because about a week and a half ago i sent out 75+ requests to mostly reliable signers, and i guess many of them have similar return times. Anyway, today i received four more from...

Carmen Fanzone signed 3/3 cards in blue sharpie
Eddie Watt signed 2/2 cards in black sharpie
Fernando Vina signed 2/2 cards in blue sharpie
Jon Lieber signed 3/3 cards in blue sharpie

Also received an RTS from Sandy Koufax.



4.90 star(s)
75 out in one week, I am lucky if I get 10. If you get any players on A's cards I would be interested in trading.

Congrats on the returns.

- Chris