4 nice autos to start October!!!


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I will start with this one because it's my favorite since we share the same name (mine is Mark Andrew Miller, and his is Andrew Mark Miller).

Andrew Miller - 1/1 (41 days)
c/o Florida Marlins Community Foundation
Attn: Autographs for Kids
2267 Dan Marino Blvd.
Miami, FL 33056
*Included $10.00 donation.

Joe Cunningham - 5/3 (12 days)
RR#1 Box 80A
Koshkonong, MO 65692
*He included the St. Louis Cardinals card & kept 1 extra custom.

Mark Fistric - via trade on SCN

Bobby Bonilla - 2/2 (16 days)
390 Round Hill Rd.
Greenwich, CT 06831