4 returns today...


Bench Warmer
Lou Piniella signed 1/2 cards in black sharpie
Bud Harrelson signed 4/4 cards in blue sharpie
Ed Kranepool signed 2/2 cards in blue sharpie
John Mule Miles signed 2/2 8x10's, 3/3 cards, 2/2 ic's in blue sharpie
I sent Mr. Miles two 8x10's and 3 cards. I told him in my letter that he could keep one of the 8x10's and one of the cards, but he returned both 8x10's and all 3 cards signed! He also personalized both of the 8x10's to me! What a great guy!



5.00 star(s)
Very nice successes! Mr. Miles is a great guy and a great signer! Nice success with Piniella, I've heard that he's been signing lately.