40 Arrivals from The National in Baltimore

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Dec 1, 2005
Severn, MD
Was able to add some 40 autos to my collection at The National show the past couple of days.
Steve Bechler/Javy Lopez/Bobby Kielty
Josh Pearce/Placido Polanco/Tyler Greene
Enix Snead/Aaron Miles/Peter Kozma

Kyle McClellan/Clayton Mortensen
Josh Kinney-Tom Mastny/Kris Benson

For me a steal at $3, a Bears HOFer.

Dirk Hayhurst was signing at the Freedom Card Board table.

From my 2010 A&G box: Chris Volstad

Picked up BAP autographs of the following goalies:
Pat Jablonski (2 different)
Guy Hebert
Jon Casey
Tommy Salo
Mark Fitzpatrick
Damian Rhodes
Marcel Cousineau
Jason Muzzatti
Rick Tabaracci
Corey Hirsch
Mikhail Shtalenkov (2 different)
Frederic Chabot
Rob Tallis
Daren Puppa
Jimmy Waite
Kelly Hrudey
Dominic Roussel
Darcy Wakaluk
Tim Cheveldae

86-87 Topps Doug Gilmour

Nick Etten (1940s Yankees 1B) - Index Card

And this, golf scorecard from a celebrity golf tournament
Andy Van Slyke
Van Slyke doesn't sign via the mail, so plan to make a Cardinals custom cut signature card.
I actually helped coach 13 year old Dirk Hayhurst In Canton South little league. He was cocky, brash, and very good.
Great pickups -- for anyone with the time/patience to go through all the discount boxes at the National, you could come home with a mountain of cards!!!
How much you paid for the Andy Van Slyke scorecard?
Van Slyke was all of $2. The dealer had a large bin full of celebrity golf tournament scorecards. Wish I would have had more time to go through it. There easily had to be a couple thousand of them.