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5 Arrivals - 12/19


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Pat Neshek - 10 days

Doug Rader - 10 days

74T Astros already signed by Dave Campbell, Johnny Edwards, Ray Busse, Mike Cosgrove & Fred Gladding.

Bob Aspromonte - 11 days

Astrodome card will have members of the 65 Astros on it.

Dan Bouchard - 11 days

He added the Flames photo (which looks like the same photo I used for my custom).

Luther Blue - 18 days

Included his email as he wanted some copies of the Motor City card.

All the multi-signature cards will be going back again after the holidays.


5.00 star(s)
Nice returns. Is the Aspromonte brothers card a custom? I was thinking about doing an Ayanbadajo brothers card from when they both played for the dolphins

Also love when players ask for copies of customs.