5 in today. Wow!

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Jan 17, 2010
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Fort Myers, Florida
I have had some slow ttm days this week and seeing my mailbox full of stuff (not bills) was very nice.
I got in:
Sam Horn 1/1, co home address (8 days)
Jim Leyland 1/1, c/o Tigers (30 days)
Daniel Schlereth 1/1, c/o Tigers (23 days)
Mike Timlin 1/1 c/o home. (10 days) He signed a picture of the 2008 red sox bullpen that I also got ttm signed from David Aardsma.
Paul O'Neill 1/1, c/o home (7 days) he signed a newspaper article that my great grandmother cut out of him from 2001. I was so happy to get this back because my great grandmother was a huge yankee fan, and passed away a week ago.
Congrats!!!!! Great stuff on the Paul O'neill

Does anyone have Jim Leyland home address. I wanna send him one during the offseason.
lmk if he gets back to u in the offseason i wanna send him a card.