5 more in the mailbox, could I hit huge again?

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
5 more in the mailbox, so I'll have to condense my comments!!!

6/4/10 (all 13 days)

Garret Anderson - 0/2 (used my SASE though)
Chad Billingsley - 3/3
Carlos Guillen - 2/2 w/ fee
Rick Porcello - 2/2 w/ fee
Chien-Ming **** - 2/3, kept the other




Mr. T's Comment (shortened):
Garret Anderson: Really? Put it in my SASE and not sign either of them? Boo!
Rick Porcello and Carlos Guillen: another satisfied customer of the charity program stated yesterday.
Chad Billingsley: love how they turned out, and got a RC and AS card signed. My two favorite kinds to get signed
Chien-Ming ****: Never signed as a Yankee, but I'll sacrifice getting him now. Maybe he can talk I-Rod to sign this year.:)
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Nice day, maybe Anderson just forgot to sign them. He is usually reliable from what I have seen...but then again I have tried twice and didn't get anything at all back.
Congrats on the successes. Nice to see CMW signing! As for Anderson, that is weird, from personal experience and what others have said, he normally will only sign one item at a time, but hadn't heard of nothing coming back signed.
Expecting my Guillen any day now. Wish I had sent 2 like you though.
I did pay the fee for both, but expect it soon now that he's done rehabbing. Each player has a different charity, and his is a foundation he and Mrs. Guillen founded a few years ago benefiting Venezuelan children. I scanned that letter along with the letter Miggy and Rick sent me.

Also, the **** Fleer and Billingsley UD will be added to my TTM trade stuff.
I got Wangs autograph yesterday in the mail, and they look like the auto that tigsfan got in the mail. Not like the ones in the post above. He must have changed his autograph after his surgery.
I got Anderson today 1/2, you might consider resending, I bet the just thought he signed and slipped them back into the envelope.

Also, no Guillen today. :( But maybe tomorrow :)