5 on 12-3


Hope everyone is having a great December so far. I received the following yesterday. All addresses are in TTM Database except as noted. Hope everyone has a great day and a Merry Christmas!!!

Kevin Maas
Sent: 10-1-09
1991 Topps & 1991 Topps Record Breaker. Both personalized.

Peter Ueberroth
Sent: 11-12-09
Index card personalized and answered questions.

Steve Comer
Sent: 11-23-09
1979 Topps & 2 PIC's all personalized and ALL bent compliments of the USPS:mad: .

Joe Blanton
Sent: 6-9-09
2009 Topps Heritage c/o Phillies. Personalized in blue sharpie.

Michael B. Mukasey
Sent: 11-25-09
Former Attorney General sent me a business card signed c/o his law office.