50/50 Great Lakes Loons (taking stuff NOW!)

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
I will be getting to some Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers A team) games this upcoming season. I will take 50/50 on baseballs, 8x10's, and cards (no customs). You can also send funds over for a team set (they have been $10 a piece) and I can 50/50 those.

Some players have cards in Bowman, Donruss Threads, and other prospect products from 2009 to 2010. Other players might have no cards produced besides the team sets, but I know who has stuff and who doesn't to a small degree.

Here's the roster link to keep tabs on: http://greatlakes.loons.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=t_ros&cid=456&stn=true&sid=t456

*MGR Juan Bustabad 2 cards in stack
*Coach (Hitting) Michael Boughton EMPTY
*Coach (Pitching) Chuck Crim (lots of stuff from 87-94?) Will not be bothering him again this year. I have plenty of extras if you would like one.

Steven Ames EMPTY
Ryan Christenson EMPTY
Edwin Contreras EMPTY
*Matthew Magill EMPTY
*J.B. Paxson EMPTY
*Jordan Roberts EMPTY
Steve Smith 1 card in stack
*Andrew Suiter EMPTY
*Luis Vasquez (2010 MWL AS) EMPTY
*Josh Wall (05 Bowman Draft, 05 Bowman Sterling Prospects, 05 Topps Chrome) 4 cards in stack FULL
*Allen Webster (2010 MWL AS; 10 Tristar Pursuit) 1 card in stack
Greg Wilborn EMPTY

*Gorman Erickson EMPTY
*J.T. Wise EMPTY

Joe Becker EMPTY
*Chris Jacobs EMPTY
*Christian Lara (2010 MWL AS, SS skills winner) 1 card in stack
*Jaime Ortiz (06 Bowman Draft, 06 Bowman Heritage Prospects, 08 Tristar Projections) 2 cards in stack
*Brian Ruggiano (10 Topps Pro Debut) 7 cards in stack FULL
*Rafael Ynoa (2010 MWL AS) EMPTY

Stetson Banks (DL) EMPTY
Nick Buss (09 Bowman Prospects) EMPTY
*Brian Cavazos-Galvez (10 Topps Pro Debut) 4 cards in stack FULL
*Blake Smith (09 Donruss Elite, 09 UD USA, 10 Topps Debut, 10 Tristar Pursuit, 10 Tristar Prospects Plus) 11 cards in stack FULL
*Angelo Songco (10 Topps Pro Debut) EMPTY

(this roster is according to the Loons official website as of 9/4/10)
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yeah if they happen to be there at the beginning of the season I would get them right away because I think Gordon for sure will be playing in the MLB someday from what I saw of him during the year and it helps when your dad is Flash Gordon some to I would bet
Darwin has been promoted and replaced with CHUCK CRIM. I'm going to see what I have before I decide what I'll take for him.
I would be interested but the only problem is you will not have a true roster untill the day before opening day . To send by mid march would be a real shot in the dark . Brian
I'm thinking that if that becomes the case, I will accept items at that time. It will be an address not in the trade manager though (@ my college), so you will be putting your trust into college student mail sorters.;)
Wow...some interesting news from this Michigander as well....You guys, please keep me informed, that's good to hear on Griffey Sr...:)

Missing a team in Battle Creek :(
By the time Dayton comes into Midland, I think I'll be back at home and done with the semester.:eek: I did just see Darwin's promotion today myself, so I guess these few cards I have of him will go in the TTM pile for somewhere down the line.
I cant wait to graph the snappers and get my pictures signed.....love getting hicks

and this yr the beckham brothers are coming to the mwl! cant wait middle of juen