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50/50 Opportunity


I'll be seeing Buffalo/Columbus and Round Rock/Nashville in 2 weeks and am excepting 50/50 for most players. The only one I'm full on right now is Jordan Danks.

You must prep the cards, label them, and send a SASE and list of what has been sent.

Here are the Rosters:
Acosta, Manny P Buffalo
Adams, Russ 2B Buffalo
Bones, Rikcy PC Buffalo
Cervenak, Mike 3B Buffalo
Cintron, Alex 2B Buffalo
de la Torre, Jose P Buffalo
Egbert, Jack P Buffalo
Feliciano, Jesus OF Buffalo
Garcia, Emmanuel OF Buffalo
Gee, Dillon P Buffalo
Green, Andy 3B Buffalo
Hessman, Mike 3B Buffalo
House, J.R. C Buffalo
Hubbard, Marshall 1B Buffalo
Jacobs, Mike 1B Buffalo
Livingston, Bobby P Buffalo
Lujan, John P Buffalo
Manriquez, Salomon C Buffalo
Martinez, Fernando OF Buffalo
Misch, Pat P Buffalo
Muniz, Carlos P Buffalo
Murphy, Daniel 1B Buffalo
Oberkfell, Ken Mgr Buffalo
O'Connor, Michael P Buffalo
Owen, Dylan P Buffalo
Parnell, Bobby P Buffalo
Pascucci, Val 1B Buffalo
Pettyjohn, Adam P Buffalo
Pridie, Jason OF Buffalo
Stoner, Tobi P Buffalo
Thole, Josh C Buffalo
Turner, Justin 2B Buffalo
Voigt, Jack HC Buffalo

Aquino, Greg P Charlotte
Braun, Ryan P Charlotte
Chambliss, Chris Mgr Charlotte
Coats, Buck OF Charlotte
Colina, Javier 1B Charlotte
Danks, Jordan OF Charlotte
DeAza, Alejandro OF Charlotte
Dolsi, Freddy P Charlotte
Dotson, Richard PC Charlotte
Flowers, Tyler C Charlotte
Gartrell, Stefan OF Charlotte
Harrell, Lucas P Charlotte
Hudson, Dan P Charlotte
Hudson, Robert SS Charlotte
Kroeger, Josh OF Charlotte
Lucy, Donny C Charlotte
Marquez, Jeffrey P Charlotte
McCulloch, Kyle P Charlotte
Morel, Brent 3B Charlotte
Nunez, Jhonny P Charlotte
Ricks, Adam C Charlotte
Rodriguez, Luis SS Charlotte
Santeliz, Clevelan P Charlotte
Threets, Erick P Charlotte
Torres, Carlos P Charlotte
Viciedo, Dayan 3B Charlotte
Ward, Gary HC Charlotte
Whisler, Wes P Charlotte
Zaleski, Matt P Charlotte

Almonte, Erick 1B Nashville
Anderson, Josh OF Nashville
Arlis, Patrick C Nashville
Bennett, Jeff P Nashville
Cruz, Luis SS Nashville
DiFelice, Mark P Nashville
Dillard, Tim P Nashville
Farris, Eric 2B Nashville
Gale, Rich PC Nashville
Gamel, Mat 3B Nashville
Guerrero, Sandy HC Nashville
Hopper, Norris OF Nashville
Johnson, Ben C Nashville
Johnson, David P Nashville
Jones, Mike P Nashville
Katin, Brendan OF Nashville
Koshansky, Joe 1B Nashville
Logren, Chuck P Nashville
Maldonado, Martin C Nashville
McClendon, Mike P Nashville
Money, Don Mgr Nashville
Murray, A.J. P Nashville
Narron, Sam P Nashville
Oeltjen, Trent OF Nashville
Olmedo, Ray SS Nashville
Raburn, John 2B Nashville
Riske, David P Nashville
Smith, Chris P Nashville
Stern, Adam OF Nashville
Stetter, Mitch P Nashville
Waters, Chris P Nashville
Wright, Chase P Nashville

Abreu, Erick P Round Rock
Banks, Josh P Round Rock
Bayliss, Jonah P Round Rock
Bazardo, Yorman P Round Rock
Bodie, Keith HC Round Rock
Bogusevic, Brian OF Round Rock
Bombard, Mark Mgr Round Rock
Bourgeois, Jason OF Round Rock
Cabral, Marcos SS Round Rock
Castro, Jason C Round Rock
Corcoran, Roy P Round Rock
DeLome, Collin OF Round Rock
Englebrook, Evan P Round Rock
Esposito, Brian C Round Rock
Garciaparra, Michael 2B Round Rock
Gervacio, Sammy P Round Rock
Hooten, Burt PC Round Rock
Johnson, Chris 3B Round Rock
Kata, Matt 2B Round Rock
Locke, Andrew OF Round Rock
Loux, Shane P Round Rock
Majewski, Gary P Round Rock
Maysonet, Edwin 2B Round Rock
Meyer, Drew 2B Round Rock
Navarro, Oswaldo 2B Round Rock
Perez, Sergio P Round Rock
Ramirez, Yordany OF Round Rock
Shelton, Chris 1B Round Rock
Trinidad, Polin P Round Rock
Valdez, Jose P Round Rock
Van Hekken, Andy P Round Rock

Ellis Shoe

4.90 star(s)
Hi, so far, I can send you the following and may have more guys by the weekend after some more looking:

Daniel Murphy 2
Tyler Flowers 2
Bobby Parnell 2
Matt Gamel 6
Josh Thole 4
Buck Coats 2
Chuck Lofgren 4
Fernando Martinez 2
Trent Oeltjen 2
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