50/50 Opportunity

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Feb 27, 2006
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St. Louis
I'll be seeing Buffalo/Columbus and Round Rock/Nashville in 2 weeks and am excepting 50/50 for most players. The only one I'm full on right now is Jordan Danks.

You must prep the cards, label them, and send a SASE and list of what has been sent.

Here are the Rosters:
Acosta, Manny P Buffalo
Adams, Russ 2B Buffalo
Bones, Rikcy PC Buffalo
Cervenak, Mike 3B Buffalo
Cintron, Alex 2B Buffalo
de la Torre, Jose P Buffalo
Egbert, Jack P Buffalo
Feliciano, Jesus OF Buffalo
Garcia, Emmanuel OF Buffalo
Gee, Dillon P Buffalo
Green, Andy 3B Buffalo
Hessman, Mike 3B Buffalo
House, J.R. C Buffalo
Hubbard, Marshall 1B Buffalo
Jacobs, Mike 1B Buffalo
Livingston, Bobby P Buffalo
Lujan, John P Buffalo
Manriquez, Salomon C Buffalo
Martinez, Fernando OF Buffalo
Misch, Pat P Buffalo
Muniz, Carlos P Buffalo
Murphy, Daniel 1B Buffalo
Oberkfell, Ken Mgr Buffalo
O'Connor, Michael P Buffalo
Owen, Dylan P Buffalo
Parnell, Bobby P Buffalo
Pascucci, Val 1B Buffalo
Pettyjohn, Adam P Buffalo
Pridie, Jason OF Buffalo
Stoner, Tobi P Buffalo
Thole, Josh C Buffalo
Turner, Justin 2B Buffalo
Voigt, Jack HC Buffalo

Aquino, Greg P Charlotte
Braun, Ryan P Charlotte
Chambliss, Chris Mgr Charlotte
Coats, Buck OF Charlotte
Colina, Javier 1B Charlotte
Danks, Jordan OF Charlotte
DeAza, Alejandro OF Charlotte
Dolsi, Freddy P Charlotte
Dotson, Richard PC Charlotte
Flowers, Tyler C Charlotte
Gartrell, Stefan OF Charlotte
Harrell, Lucas P Charlotte
Hudson, Dan P Charlotte
Hudson, Robert SS Charlotte
Kroeger, Josh OF Charlotte
Lucy, Donny C Charlotte
Marquez, Jeffrey P Charlotte
McCulloch, Kyle P Charlotte
Morel, Brent 3B Charlotte
Nunez, Jhonny P Charlotte
Ricks, Adam C Charlotte
Rodriguez, Luis SS Charlotte
Santeliz, Clevelan P Charlotte
Threets, Erick P Charlotte
Torres, Carlos P Charlotte
Viciedo, Dayan 3B Charlotte
Ward, Gary HC Charlotte
Whisler, Wes P Charlotte
Zaleski, Matt P Charlotte

Almonte, Erick 1B Nashville
Anderson, Josh OF Nashville
Arlis, Patrick C Nashville
Bennett, Jeff P Nashville
Cruz, Luis SS Nashville
DiFelice, Mark P Nashville
Dillard, Tim P Nashville
Farris, Eric 2B Nashville
Gale, Rich PC Nashville
Gamel, Mat 3B Nashville
Guerrero, Sandy HC Nashville
Hopper, Norris OF Nashville
Johnson, Ben C Nashville
Johnson, David P Nashville
Jones, Mike P Nashville
Katin, Brendan OF Nashville
Koshansky, Joe 1B Nashville
Logren, Chuck P Nashville
Maldonado, Martin C Nashville
McClendon, Mike P Nashville
Money, Don Mgr Nashville
Murray, A.J. P Nashville
Narron, Sam P Nashville
Oeltjen, Trent OF Nashville
Olmedo, Ray SS Nashville
Raburn, John 2B Nashville
Riske, David P Nashville
Smith, Chris P Nashville
Stern, Adam OF Nashville
Stetter, Mitch P Nashville
Waters, Chris P Nashville
Wright, Chase P Nashville

Abreu, Erick P Round Rock
Banks, Josh P Round Rock
Bayliss, Jonah P Round Rock
Bazardo, Yorman P Round Rock
Bodie, Keith HC Round Rock
Bogusevic, Brian OF Round Rock
Bombard, Mark Mgr Round Rock
Bourgeois, Jason OF Round Rock
Cabral, Marcos SS Round Rock
Castro, Jason C Round Rock
Corcoran, Roy P Round Rock
DeLome, Collin OF Round Rock
Englebrook, Evan P Round Rock
Esposito, Brian C Round Rock
Garciaparra, Michael 2B Round Rock
Gervacio, Sammy P Round Rock
Hooten, Burt PC Round Rock
Johnson, Chris 3B Round Rock
Kata, Matt 2B Round Rock
Locke, Andrew OF Round Rock
Loux, Shane P Round Rock
Majewski, Gary P Round Rock
Maysonet, Edwin 2B Round Rock
Meyer, Drew 2B Round Rock
Navarro, Oswaldo 2B Round Rock
Perez, Sergio P Round Rock
Ramirez, Yordany OF Round Rock
Shelton, Chris 1B Round Rock
Trinidad, Polin P Round Rock
Valdez, Jose P Round Rock
Van Hekken, Andy P Round Rock
Hi, so far, I can send you the following and may have more guys by the weekend after some more looking:

Daniel Murphy 2
Tyler Flowers 2
Bobby Parnell 2
Matt Gamel 6
Josh Thole 4
Buck Coats 2
Chuck Lofgren 4
Fernando Martinez 2
Trent Oeltjen 2
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I need:
Acosta, Manny P Buffalo
Hessman, Mike 3B Buffalo
Pridie, Jason OF Buffalo
Turner, Justin 2B Buffalo

Customs okay?
Rich Gale
Chris Chambliss
Pat Misch
Ken Oberkfell
Ricky Bones

Let me know if you are ok with this group.