6 Arrivals - Past Week


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These came in during the past week or so, have some catching up to do.

Cliff Chambers - c/o home
6 days, 2/2

The '52 Red Man is a reprint.

Wayne Colman - c/o home
6 days, 2/2

Interesting fact on Colman, him and his son Doug both played in the NFL and both were on the field for two of the most famous special teams plays in history. Wayne was on the field when Tom Dempsey kicked his 63-yard field goal for the Saints and his son Doug was on the field for the Titans on the Music City Miracle play.

Jim Beirne - c/o home
6 days, 3/3

Tom Woodeshick - c/o home
30 days, 3/3

George Buehler - c/o home
10 days, 3/3

Lou Piccone - c/o home
9 days, 3/3