7/29 - 2 White Sox, 2 Rangers, 2 Tigers (all out of 3 guys!)

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
That's right, two of these guys were White Sox, 2 were Rangers, and 2 were Tigers. How did that all work out?

John Danks
1/2 - 23 days (kept other card)

Mr. T's Comment: The Austin native was traded by his home team to the South Side for Brandon McCarthy, and the Rangers are still kicking themselves for it. My Topps 52 rookie card turned out great! This is the second guy I got back with the stack of base I got in a trade with Myerburg311, so thanks!

(I'm still needing some cards of about 15 guys, so if you can help I will trade inserts for them. Send me a PM with title "TTM cards you need" and I will send a list of those players)

Phil Nevin
4/4 - 23 days

Mr. T's Comment: Another former Ranger (and Tiger) came through while he is managing his team. They are in last place, so maybe he needed to sign away his bad luck this year.:p

Magglio Ordonez
2/2 - 68 days

Mr. T's Comment: Finally, 6-8 weeks passed and I was still waiting (yep, it was almost 10 weeks). I guess with his injury, he has more time to sign his built up donation mail. I have now gotten back all the players from AFAC, which I will recommend to anybody who would like Bonderman, Cabrera, Guillen, Porcello, and/or Ordonez.
good job, Danks is a class act. have gotten him via his parents house in RR last year around Xmas..