8/2 - Former MVP, and an RTS

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Jul 9, 2010
Rhode Island, USA
So like a total copycat, I've jumped on the "try-to-get-an-entire-set-autographed" bandwagon, and after a couple of trades here got me started last week, I got my first success back from one of the players today. Cool way to start, too, with a former MVP and key member of the '86 Red Sox (not to mention the owner of 338 career HRs):


Looks like it's close to time for Don to buy a new sharpie, tho.

So that was the good. The bad was an RTS-UTF from, of all people, Brett Butler. :eek: Since AFAIK minor-league managers don't usually get fired mid-season, I assume he's still with the Aces (their website says he is). Problem is, there seem to be about 3 different addresses floating around out there for them, and I guess I picked the wrong one:

c/o Reno Aces
50 West Liberty St.
Reno, NV 89501

I'm going to re-try with:

c/o Reno Aces
Aces Ballpark
250 Evans Ave.
Reno, NV 89501

I'd better hurry, too--there's less than a month left in their season...
Nice success on the Baylor card. I got an 89' Topps card signed by him TTM. And of course I am working on that set. Welcome to the Bench and let me look and see which 87' Topps cards I have signed TTM and see if you need them.