8/28 - The Big Wheel, a Speedster, and a Groomer

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Aug 30, 2007
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The Michigan Thumb
Anybody brush up on their stat books? No? Well, I'll just save you the trouble then.

Lance Parrish "Big Wheel"
TRADE - thanks stlcardsfan!

Rather then trying to get him w/ the spotty TTM returns, thought I'd just get this '84 Tigers out of the way. Your Crim is on the way if it hasn't already arrived.

Buddy Groom "Groomer"
16 days

Mr. T's Comment: At least another Tigers player came. He ended his career rougher than when he started his career, not being one of "Joe's Boys". Very reliable signer for those who may need him.

Juan Pierre "Speedster"
1/2 - kept 1
98 days!

Mr. T's Comment: He tied Matt Stairs for third on my longest wait list (Jeff Francis second, Mike Lieberthal is in first w/ a comfortable lead), but maybe he sped right through my letter. Pierre has 50 SB's this year (and 509 career), which is most in the majors this year. If you don't mind a wait, send to him. ;)

RTS - Gregg Zaun c/o Brewers (I knew he was retiring after the injury early this season. Thought I'd try him anyways.