8/30 - 9/4: Got 3 This Week

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Jul 9, 2010
Rhode Island, USA
3 adds for the set this week. Slow and steady progress:

(ImageShack seems to be having problems today, so if the pictures don't show up, check again later.)

Doug DeCinces:


This was my fastest one so far, and I can't imagine any future ones ever beating this record: sent it on Tuesday, and got it back on Friday. The fact that it only had to go to the next town over, about 10 miles from my house to his, probably helped with that. I was very happy to get this one, since Gagne was a hero around here when I was a kid, a local guy who'd actually made it to the major leagues. I even went to high school with his niece... but then I noticed on the back of this card that it says he's the youngest of 9 children(!), so I'm guessing a lot of people went to high school with his nieces and nephews.


"Bye-Bye" Balboni was almost as fast as Gagne: sent it on Monday, got it on Saturday.