'86 Donruss/Leaf Team sets & '88 Donruss/Leaf other 'sets'


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I assembled some team sets and others when I bought the cards back in the day. The Leaf team sets have about 10 cards because of the smaller number of cards in the set and have some french dialogue. I don't have prices on the set and don't even know if this will work, but here is what I have. Let me know if anything interests you and I can tell you about the sets.

'86 Donruss/Leaf complete team sets:
Angels, Astros, Athletics, Brewers, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants,Indians, Mariners, Mets, Padres, Phillies, Rangers, Reds, Red Sox, Twins, Yankees;

'86 Donruss/Leaf
Diamond Kings set (1-26 + C/List)

'88 Donruss/Leaf
Diamond Kings set (1-26 + C/List)
Rated Rookies set (28-47)
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