$87 to Target. Updated 10 HITS! ONLY 2023 Chronicles 2 Hobby Boxes Plus Mystery Blaster.

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
UPDATED to just two 2023 Chronicles Hobby Boxes. Plus a bonus mystery blaster w/ 2 hits!
Target $270 Bids $183 Go: $87
2023 Chronicles
Arizona DiamondbacksLarryG$7.00
Colorado RockiesLarryG$4.00
Los Angeles DodgersSasquatch$10.00
San Diego Padresgwynn_fan$8.00
San Francisco Giantssirthomas$4.00
Chicago Cubscubfan1941$6.00
Cincinnati Redssirthomas$13.00
Milwaukee Brewersrtsjr$4.00
Pittsburgh Piratessirthomas$4.00
St. Louis Cardinalspeaceandlove$10.00
Atlanta BravesLarryG$6.00
Miami Marlinssirthomas$4.00
New York Metssirthomas$4.00
Philadelphia Philliessirthomas$4.00
Washington Nationalsrtsjr$4.00
Houston Astrosbearpup$5.00
Los Angeles AngelsLarryG$6.00
Oakland Athleticssirthomas$4.00
Seattle Marinersbearpup$6.00
Texas Rangerssirthomas$4.00
Chicago White Soxsirthomas$4.00
Cleveland Indianssirthomas$4.00
Detroit Tigersrtsjr$4.00
Kansas City RoyalsBobbyd9279$10.00
Minnesota Twinssirthomas$4.00
Baltimore OriolesSasquatch$15.00
Boston Red SoxLarryG$8.00
New York YankeesLarryG$9.00
Tampa Bay Rayssirthomas$4.00
Toronto Blue Jayssirthomas$4.00
Target $270To Go$87.00

2023 Chronicles.jpg
Each box contains 48 cards including 3 Autos & 1 Relic for 144 cards total and 9 autos and 3 relics.
Because Panini lost the MLB license, I have included the 2022 box to insure MLB stars.
Target is $400 Plus $4 shipping no matter how many teams you win.

Product Details​

Variety remains the name of the game for 2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball.

Focusing mainly on top prospects, rookies and former stars, Chronicles supplies a large assortment of card brands and technologies (chromium, holo and acetate) under one product.

Hobby boxes average three autographs and one relic.

Hobby Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 6 packs per box, 16 boxes per case

2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball Hobby Box Break Average​

  • 3 Autographs
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 2 Spectra Cards

2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball Base / Inserts​

Per Panini, "2023 Chronicles will deliver a one-of-a-kind consumer experience that includes the game’s future stars and solidified legends across more than 20 different programs."

Pick your team break and the Target is $270, Plus $4 shipping no matter how many teams you win.
Once the Target has been hit, I will make a transaction with the invoices.. After all the payments have been received, I will set a time for the break and initiate a YouTube break and list it here.
Any Questions? Please Ask.
Thanks Bob
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.
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Another Jabs Family clip from a 2023 Chronicles Bob

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I'm interested in the two 2023 boxes. Not that interested in the 2022 personally
I'm okay with that...see what everyone thinks.
$400-$130= $270 for the 2023 Chronicles 6 autos and 2 relics 1 blaster 2 hits.

Keeps the bids all ready bid or restart $1 per team?


This was added to the Bowman Chrome Mega Break.
See next message for the Optic Blaster that was added to the break.
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--Everything under $10 going to this break. Which was everything but the Ohtani Bomb, which will be added if the Angels get at least a $10 bid.
As always lots of extra cards added after the break.

Ohtani Bomb Squad Pozo Auto
2022 Optic.jpg
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