CLOSED Updated 10 HITS! ONLY 2023 Chronicles 2 Hobby Boxes Plus Mystery Blaster.

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UPDATED to just two 2023 Chronicles Hobby Boxes. Plus a bonus mystery blaster w/ 2 hits!
2023 Chronicles
Arizona Diamondbacksbearpup$3.00
Colorado RockiesLarryG$4.00
Los Angeles DodgersSasquatch$10.00
San Diego Padresgwynn_fan$8.00
San Francisco Giantssmithbrian524$2.00
Chicago Cubscubfan1941$6.00
Cincinnati RedsBobbyd9179$10.00
Milwaukee Brewersrtsjr$4.00
Pittsburgh Piratessmithbrian524$2.00
St. Louis Cardinalspeaceandlove$10.00
Atlanta Bravesbearpup$3.00
Miami Marlinssmithbrian524$2.00
New York Metssmithbrian525$2.00
Philadelphia Philliessirthomas$4.00
Washington Nationalsrtsjr$4.00
Houston Astrosbearpup$3.00
Los Angeles Angelsbearpup$3.00
Oakland Athleticspeaceand love$2.00
Seattle MarinersFenway1112$5.00
Texas Rangerssirthomas$4.00
Chicago White Soxsmithbrian526$2.00
Cleveland Indianssmithbrian526$2.00
Detroit Tigersrtsjr$4.00
Kansas City RoyalsBobbyd9279$10.00
Minnesota Twinsdashcol$2.00
Baltimore OriolesSasquatch$15.00
Boston Red SoxLarryG$8.00
New York Yankeesrtsjr$6.00
Tampa Bay Rayssmithbrian526$2.00
Toronto Blue Jayssmithbrian526$2.00
Target $270To Go$126.00
Target $270 Bids $144 Go: $126
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Each box contains 48 cards including 3 Autos & 1 Relic for 144 cards total and 9 autos and 3 relics.
Because Panini lost the MLB license, I have included the 2022 box to insure MLB stars.
Target is $400 Plus $4 shipping no matter how many teams you win.

Product Details​

Variety remains the name of the game for 2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball.

Focusing mainly on top prospects, rookies and former stars, Chronicles supplies a large assortment of card brands and technologies (chromium, holo and acetate) under one product.

Hobby boxes average three autographs and one relic.

2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball Base / Inserts​

Per Panini, "2023 Chronicles will deliver a one-of-a-kind consumer experience that includes the game’s future stars and solidified legends across more than 20 different programs."

Pick your team break and the Target is $270, Plus $4 shipping no matter how many teams you win.
Once the Target has been hit, I will make a transaction with the invoices.. After all the payments have been received, I will set a time for the break and initiate a YouTube break and list it here.
Any Questions? Please Ask.
Thanks Bob
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.
I want to use up the rest of my credit, ($3) but I am not paying $4 shipping.
I want to use up the rest of my credit, ($3) but I am not paying $4 shipping.
Don't know what to say. I don't make anything on my breaks, as I just charge what I pay for them. I also lose money on charging $4 for shipping, as it costs more than $4.19 to mail to the majority of states to the wrong side of the Mississippi. To say nothing of having to buy bubble envelopes and to tape.
Others just include shipping in their asking price.
ok i'll be brave and daring
Arizona Diamondbacks 4
Atlanta Braves 4
Chicago White Sox 4
Cincinnati Reds 13
Cleveland Indians 4
Houston Astros 4
Los Angeles Angels 4
Miami Marlins 4
Minnesota Twins 4
New York Mets 4
Oakland Athletics 4
Pittsburgh Pirates 4
San Francisco Giants 4
Tampa Bay Rays 4
Toronto Blue Jays 4
This has been active since December first and removing the 2022 box and breaking an Optic box and adding those cards, have only had like three or four bids in February. Not much happening!
So, any suggestions? All ready going to lose $40 that the Optic with taxes cost.
Atlanta Braves 8
Los Angeles Angels 8
Arizona Diamondbacks 8
San Diego Padres 9
Boston Red Sox 9
New York Yankees 12
Los Angeles Dodgers 12
Hi Thomas
Not much right now. I try to give members a fair break and not making anything on, and everyone jumps on John & Mike's breaks.
With the Topps Chrome Update, there's a chance for the Debut Relic Auto 1/1. I paid $135 per box and has them now at $125. So two boxes would be $270 plus basically 3 blasters at about $30 apiece, put that over $330 target.
Where as, look what the other 1 box of 2023 Topps Chrome Update went for and what he paid for it. Then, look at todays DK break where he paid $19.95 per box and 4 in the case, with tax may $95, but he charged $225.
But, oh well, what can I say about the bidders?
I like Chronicles but its not your typical product,. Its all retired guys and prospects no current stars so it doesn't appeal to everyone. granted I like the retired guys in it and the prospects. Its also strange that its like 8 or 10 different sets in each pack. I even took the time to list all my singles in case someone was actually putting sets together lol But like I said I do like the product. It just wont appeal to everyone