897 Day Wait!!!!


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So back in 2008 I mailed four cards to Luis Salazar....

Well along comes an envelope with a $0.41 stamp on it...and two signed cards from Luis in it!

I didn't realize he was so popular that he would take over two years!!!! Hahaha

But it's back!

My Top Five that I know of from the sites I use:

1) Luis Salazar 897 Days
2) Stewart Cink 700 Days
3) Ryan Raburn 577 Days
4) Jesper Parnevik 573 Days
5) Duffy Waldorf 510 Days
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Congrats. I just got him back a few days ago and it was about the same length of time. I mailed it in 2008 sometime.



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I wonder if you keep up with something all that time, or just found it on your desk & thought what the hey, give them a thrill? Congrats on your patience!!