9/10/10 - Loons vs. Tincaps (winner moves on, loser goes home)

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Aug 30, 2007
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The Michigan Thumb
Brian Cavazos-Galvez 5/5 - program page, 4x 2010 Topps Debut (50/50)
Nick Gaudi 1/2 - program page (forgot he was in the Black Squal)
Jaime Ortiz 2/2 - 2x 2006 Bowman Prospects (50/50)*
J.B. Paxson 1/1 - Black Squal picture
Brian Ruggiano 7/7 - 7x 2010 Topps Pro Debut (50/50)

"So, how much are these going for on eBay?" (I'm thinking he and his brother are starting to become alike, so I told him in a serious voice about $2 just to show him up :p.)

Blake Smith 3/12 - 2x 2009 Donruss EEE, 1x Donruss EEE College Ties (50/50: Was running late, so I asked and said he would do a few)
Andy Suiter 1/1 - Black Squal picture
Eric Wood 1/1 - program page (team trainer)

*He was the only player who signed after the win, all others players went inside to get ready for the road trip to Lake County

I'm also proud to say that it was a 6-4 win for the Loons, so my graphing posts could live on for a little longer. I will not make the game on Sunday, but if they move on to the championship I will have one last shot at my home guys. I'm hoping that the Quad City River Bandits comes out of the West so I can have a shot at Shelby Miller.
congrats, ya my whitecaps got eliminated so my graphing is done for the season unless I head out to see the Loons