9-19-09 Successes...A Bit of Everything


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5.00 star(s)
Received in three TTMs:
Charlie Hough 4/4 (ALL FT)
Bobby Witt 4/4 (ALL FT)
Jim Clancy 3/3 (ALL FT)

Received in three 1988 Topps set hits from "RAGTOP":
Todd Benzinger (NFT)
Lance Parrish (NFT)
Denny Martinez (NFT)

Received in six 1996 Leaf Signature Silver series Autographs from "GWYNN_FAN":
Ken Ryan (NFT)
Roger Pavlik (NFT)
Todd Van Poppel (NFT)
Lyle Mouton (NFT)
Turner Wars (NFT)
Scott Stahoviak (NFT)

Received in the last two cards in needed for my 2000 Topps set:
Derek Jeter: from GWYNN_FAN
Barry Bonds: from RAGTOP

From my wife who went to a local meeting last night:
Armando Muniz: