9/2 - couple of Small(ey) returns

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Apr 29, 2008
Received a couple of returns over the past couple of days.

First, Milt Bolling, former Red Sox SS. Signed 2/2 (2 53 Topps Archives).


Next, Elroy Face, former Pirates P. Signed 2/3 (53 Topps Archive and 54 Topps Archive) and returned the last card rather than keeping it.


Next, Grady Hatton, former Reds 2B. Signed 2/2 (53 Topps Archive & index card)


Next, former Cubs/Braves SS Roy Smalley. Signed 2/2 (53 Topps Archive and 54 Topps Archive) and added another card of his own


Finally, former Browns P Virgil Trucks. Signed 2/2 (53 Topps Archives) and than included two more of his own.


Thanks for looking.


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Congratulations. I like those 53/54 Archives.they look great signed. I've had these successes over past few years:
53 Archives
Sal Yvars(Deceased)
Howie Judson
Ted Lepcio
Mel Parnell
Irv Noren
Gil McDougald
Grady Hatton
Ted Gray
Carl Scheib($5 fee)
Cloyd Boyer
Roy Sievers
Dick Brodkowski
Tony Bartirome
Bobby Morgan
Chuck Stobbs
Virgil Trucks
Joe Astroth
John Antonelli
Ned Garver
George Spencer
Davey Williams
Gil Coan
Al Rosen
John Rutherford
George Kell(Deceased)
Billy Pierce
Dick Groat
Jim Rivera
Bob Addis
John Logan
Billy Hoeft
Bill Hunter
Art Schultz
Bill Glynn
Preston Ward
Gene Hermanski
Stu Miller
Hal Brown
Wally Westlake
Paul La Palme(Deceased)
Dick Bokelmann
Vern Benson
Jim Greengrass
J.W. Porter
Jack Dittmer
John O'Brien
Lou Sleater
Bobby Shantz
Ed Erautt
Morris Martin(Deceased)
Rocky Krsnich
Solly Hemus
John Hetki
Harry Perkowski
Charlie Silvera
Mike Sandlock
Gene Stephens
Ed O'Brien
Bob Wilson
Henry Foiles
Bob Oldis
Duane Pillette
Milt Bolling
Ralph Houk(Deceased)
Mickey Vernon(Deceased)
Phil Cavarretta
Roy Smalley
Bob Friend
Jim "Dusty" Rhodes(Deceased)
Marty Marion
Carl Erskine
Curt Simmons
Bobby Thomson(Deceased)
Eleanor Engle

1954 Topps Archives:
Gus Zernial
Bobby Shantz
Mel Parnell
Ned Garver
Billy Hunter
Jack Dittmer
Phil Cavarretta
Ted Lepcio
Andy Pafko
Milt Bolling
Dick Cole
Bob Turley
Matt Batts
Bob Oldis
Wally Westlake
Duane Pillette
Carl Scheib($5 fee)
Johnny Logan
Harry Perkowski
Forrest Jacobs
Ed and John O'Brien(Signed by both)
Tom Wright
Don Johnson
John Hetki
Hal Brown
Jack Harshman
Tom Qualters
Bill Glynn
Chuck Stobbs
Karl Olson
Cot Deal
Dick Brodkowski
Roy Smalley
Sam Mele
Herb Score(Deceased)
Bill Virdon
Don Zimmer
Carl Erskine
Jack Dittmer(Gold Parallel)
Phil Cavarretta(Gold Parallel)
Johnny Logan(Gold Parallel)
Don Lenhardt(Gold Parallel)
Larry Jansen(Gold Parallel)
Dick Brodkowski(Gold Parallel)
Bob Miller(Gold Parallel)
I did pick a few of these up in trades, but most came by TTM.I hope this helps you, some that i know are deceased,I marked as such.
Thanks everyone.

Jeb -- couldn't agree with you more, both the 53's and 54's look great signed. Impressive list of returns that you have received. I am sending to just about everyone on that list, only requirement is that I have at least one of their cards.