9/2 IP and some trades


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So finally went to another Whitecaps game, my buddy probably got 10-12 guys on a team ball. Best part was our 2.5 week old daughter did great throughout the game, myself on the other hand not so great signature wise. I really was only after getting Christin Stewart and Spencer Turnbull on a ball. Didn't see Turnbull at all before or during the game and Stewart didn't sign pregame. Then heard that Moises Alou had traveled with the visiting team while they were in Lansing so was searching for him, apparently wasn't doing 2 series. So after the game we waited in parking lot to find out from a few guys that came to tell their host family what was going on that the team was waiting to see the end of a different game. So went over to the visitors and got Burt Hooton on a ball as the players had already got on the bus. So headed back to Whitecaps side, all the host families were leaving since they weren't gonna wait til they were done celebrating for making the playoffs either. So just got AJ Simcox on the program and Burt Hooton. Did make some IP trades though. The McCann Toledo Mud Hens card is available FT.



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nice graphing bud. are you still looking to get a few shaqs? i've got a few i know you can use. have a bucket/tradelist if interested?