9/4 - Loons vs. Hot Rods... ADDED mail!

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Aug 30, 2007
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First the mail, I "rheally" almost "stubb"ed my toe on these.:p

Rheal Cormier
10 days

Mr. T's Comment: After my stupidity used the old address (in the database) and not the new one I knew about, the real Cormier hopefully signed these and not some impostor.:p I will add the new address into the database shortly.

Drew Stubbs
60 days

Mr. T's Comment: He finally got around to mine, which for the past week or so Mr. T got worried about. It did come back at least, a quality rookie who might sign a few years from now.

We had some rain that came through, mostly pre-game, so the graphing was not favorable. A few players that I needed did stop, so it worked out for me. A lot were also bundled up because of the cold weather, so it was hard to identify some guys.

Jaime Ortiz 3/3 - 1 for a guy on another site
Nick Buss 2/2 - for greatdadx2's sets
Blake Smith 1/1 (OLB3)
Josh Wall 0/3 - SP for the game, didn't even think about signing tonight. I'm 0/3 with him this season!

Other signers I recognized: Angelo Songco, Brian Ruggiano, J.B. Paxson, Gorman Erickson



I can still take players for the playoff game Thurs/Fri? except...

Brian Cavazos-Galvez - will have a couple extras
Chuck Crim - ask me about my extras and when I can ship them
Brian Ruggiano - will have some extras
Blake Smith - will have some extra Elites
Josh Wall (hasn't signed for me yet)

Players who have cards that I will be out of and almost guaranteed your cards to be signed...

Nick Buss
Angelo Songco
Allen Webster (hasn't signed for me yet)
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