A 'Bus'load of IP graphs


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Had a great night last night and got a ton of graphs.

Jerome Bettis SI, 2 cards
Eddie George 1 card
Dallas Clark 2 cards
Shane Battier SI(completed already signed by Mike Dunleavy Jr.), set card
Mike Dunleavy 1 card
Danny Granger 2 cards
Joseph Addai Sporting News
Donald Brown 8x10, 1 card
Curtis Painter 2 cards
Jim Kelly 8x10, 2 cards(including Topps RC)
Rik Smits 2 cards
Peyton Manning 8x10(need Dungy on-photo of the 2 with Lombardi trophy), SI Personalized
Reggie Wayne 1 card, 8x10 personalized
Archie Manning 8x10, 2 cards