A CarGo shipment 8/6

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Oct 25, 2002
Overland Park, Kansas
Did a little bit of 'graphing before the Pirates/Rockies game Friday night...it was the first chance I got to do any pregame 'graphing all year long, so I was happy if I got anything...

First, got Joe Beimel on a 2003 Topps Total (PIT uniform)...

Then, got Seth Smith on a 2004 Upper Deck National Pride (USA Uni)...

...and finally, snagged Carlos Gonzalez on a 2007 Bowman Draft Future's Game Prospect card!

(All three in blue ink)

Any of the three are for trade for Pirates autos I might need, but I'd prefer to trade the Carlos Gonzalez for a tougher Pirate auto in return.

would love to trade for the carlos..will see what pirates i have that you need