A cool eBay lot pickup - Cowboys


Picked up a Cowboys lot off eBay a little bit ago. Here's what I got:

Jon Kitna 1999 SP Signature Autographs KI $25.00
Terence Newman 2003 Bowman Chrome RC 114 $5.00
Emmitt Smith 1994 Pacific Prisms 110 $8.00 /16000
Troy Aikman 1999 Donruss Elite Primary Colors Die Cuts Red 7 $60.00 24/75
Antonio Bryant 2002 SP Legendary Cuts Rookie Recruits Jerseys RRAB $10.00
Emmitt Smith 2002 Playoff Honors Game Day Souvenirs GD2 $40.00 240/250

All for $13 shipped. Kind of proud of myself for that one. All will be for trade when they come in.