A Couple Game used will Get u This Fo u show guys?????????????????

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Polar Bear 67

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Jul 31, 2016
A 1000 Card lot of every Team are avaible.
If u want a 1000 Yankees it will cost u a couple of Game used and so on with just about every team I have a 1000 card lot avaible.
All brands all years so take ur pick if interested
I used to do these for a guy who did Quater bags at shows for the kids.
Polar Bear 67
All are cards from the late 70;s to early 2004 the year my Wife was dio with ****** Cancer.
Last year I have been able to buy because of the treatments and meds.
Now I trade for all of my wants with stuff I get in trade.
Polar Bear 67
Really don't matter but would prefer Red Sox 10 thru 16.
But not really a big problem but no junk auto;s or game used.
Polar Bear 67
any yankees and how many gu/auto would you like in return and who are you looking any specific players. plmk
also what years are the cards would prefer 2000-2016
I made up these lots years ago as my Wife was recovering from ****** Cancer and I owned my own business that the time.
And I had a friend doing card shows and doing 25 cent bags for the kids.
Now I am 70 years old and just working on my Grandaughters collections and get them game used and auto;s from 10 thru 16.
But if u want I can properly get u a 1000 card lot from the early 00;s as I stopped bying product in 04 because of the Chemo and the meds she needs.
Let me know what u want me to do and I can put togetter a lot for u I know.
U want Posada/Tex and Marianio I know I have some of that stuff as well.
Polar Bear 67