A few to choose from

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Aug 9, 2003
Elizabethtown, KY
I am really itching to purchase a case and am narrowing it down to one of these:

2006 UD Epic
2007 Ultimate Collection
2008 UD Premier
2007 UD Black
2008 UD Heroes x2

I know many of you enjoy the Heroes but has anyone had any experience with the others? Looking for some suggestions on this one.


Premier/Black/Ultimate you have a shot at pulling some REALLY nice cards but you also have the chance at pulling some real stinkers. Sure a sweet Uggla card is great for some but not for me when I'm paying that much for a case:) Epic seems cool but I have never opened any of that product.

Heroes is great for the price and trades really well but I don't know if that matters much to you since as a Gehrig collector there must not be a heck of a lot to trade for around here:p
I do love my Gehrig cards;) Epic and Premier are the only ones that yield his cards from my list but as you stated there are a lot of other nice stuff seeded in there somewhere. I really like the Heroes design, always have in years past. Mainly just looking to break something with decent pulls and this years stuff just isn't doing it for me.

I ended up getting an epic case. It should be here on the 9th and I will post a live case break. Here is hoping for some Gehrig cards!