A horrible success 8/20


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I got 2 cards signed and returned from Jeff Cirillo today. He signed them in red ink however about 90% of the signature was rubbed off and the rest would not come off. So, I am going to send another card for him to sign. The cards were 2004 Toppc Chrome refractor and black refractor. I am sending a 2004 Topps Chrome gold refractor this time.


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Sending shiny cards like that might not work...certainly Topps produced certified autos of all the refractor parallels but maybe they were signed in a certain kind of sharpie? I've heard problems with the shiny cards, just like you mentioned (sounds like the red ink didn't fully dry before Cirillo sent them back to you). Does he have any other cards depicting him as a Royal?


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If you intend on sending a glossy surfaced card, like Chrome, then do one of these....

a.Rub baby powder on the card
b.Use a Magic Eraser pencil eraser to rub ovre the surface
c.Use a finger and rub the surface hard

Those are all precautions you can take to ensure you will get a nice signature on those types of cards- even cards from regular Topps or UD- they have a glossy surface as well.

Here's what happens when you DON'T rub the surface on Chromes...
I have a bunch more I could show but doubt you'd wanna see. I prefer the papery-type cards, but hey, who doesn't like a nice chrome card signed every once in a while? Good luck to you.