A little bit of everything this week (MVP, #1 pick, etc)


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Lucius Allen 4/4
1 69 Topps and 3 of these customs. 2 of the customs are available.
For my Sonics collection

David Hughes 1/1 c/o home
For my Seahawks collection

Rick Reichardt 1/2 c/o home Kept a 65 Topps
For my Seattle Angles collection

Brian Turang 1/1 c/o home
I have no idea where I sent this or when. My old database is corrupt and it was on there. I had a 42cent stamp on it so it was at least two years ago.

Ian Kennedy
Part of a AFL 50/50-The design in mine

Stephen Strasburg
Another AFL 50/50. Trouble is that Strasburg only signs 1 so I eventually traded back for this and was more than happy to do so.

Kevin Mithcell
This was obtained through a private signing on SCN. The auto was $10 and the inscription was $3. I bet I'm the only one with a Mitchell auto with this inscription.

Also found this my now defunct "Players born in Washington" collection.
Good news I can use it in my Seattle Angles collection.
Fast fact: Ed Kirkpatrick got the last hit at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City on October 4, 1972.
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I love seeing vintage cards coming back signed, they just look so much better signed or at least I think they do.

Congrats on the really good week.


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Lucius Allen! Good god I had forgotten all about him! If I have anything you need for one of the customs let me know...I have 3 Griffey Mariners inserts I could send you for one if you want:

-95 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines 6 of 10
-99 UD Cover Glory 37 (youngest player to 350 HR's)
-99 Topps Picture Perfect #P1