A little help: 88-92 Topps/Fleer

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Nov 27, 2005
West St Paul, MN
My uncle used to collect cards for his sons. After the divorce, my cousins have been giving them to me as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, etc. The two boys aren't into them, and their mom is moving tomorrow. So, they called to ask if I wanted the rest of the cards. Just got back from picking them up, and pretty much exactly as I remembered when I helped their father get started, except I don't remember there being so many of them. ;) Just looking at them reminds me of taking my younger cousin to Twinsfest in what must have been 2000, we have the boxes of 94 score we split, the misc 'grab bags' of odds and ends, then the big stuff:
(6) 2400 count boxes and (9) 800 counters of 1988-1991 Topps and 1990-1992 Fleer, the same stuff at every garage sale and flea market advertising 'old baseball cards'

I remember the thread earlier this year about the 89 Topps errors and was wondering if anyone familiar with these sets could PM or email me a list of the 'bigger' errors and their approx value. (email: [email protected])

I remember a few here and there
1988 Topps Lance McCullers white team name
1989 Topps Oliva Turn back the Clock no copyright line
1989 Topps Welch no 'complete major league stats'
1989 Topps Stan Jefferson pink triangle
1990 Thomas NNOF

Just have a feeling there are several I either forgot or never knew about