A little help with this graded card please

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Jun 7, 2010
Ogdensburg, New York
Ok, so I got this card as a gift from an ebay store owner when I was buying a ton of stuff from him. I have zero interest in graded cards and I was actually thinking about breaking this card open to I can put it with the rest of my Team PC. I mean the card only books for 1.25 ungraded. What would be the purpose of grading a card like this and would anybody know the value of it now? It is numbered 67/150 but that obviously hasn't added any value to it.

Anyway, any info on the value and if I should leave it graded or bust it open. Basicaly what ever you could tell me would be great. I may get into graded cards in the future and this information could be quite valuable to me.

Thanks in advance.

I don't want to trade it. It's for my PC. I just don't know anything about graded cards and was hoping someone could shed some light on the subject for me.
Leave it in holder, GEM 10s fetch the most premium, so basically your $1.25 card now books for 10x that. Im not familiar with that particular grading service, but any sevice, charges atleast a few bucks for the case and grading service, so just for that reason card worth more.
I have zero trust in that grading service. I see lot sellers who have a ton of these off graded cards sprinkled into their lots, often priced with ridiculous "book" prices, such as what was mentioned in this thread. Those lots end up selling for a fraction of the advertised values and the buyers feel like they got steals. I hope the seller you are speaking of is not one of these sellers, but if they are, as long as you are happy with what you get for the price, I guess it doesn't matter.

That card is not worth 10X the raw value because it got a 10 from FGS. A 10 from FGS is expected.

If you have no interest in graded cards, nor do you like the holder, I would break it out (carefully) and enjoy your card. You won't lose anything by doing that, as long as you don't damage the card. On a related note, I hear some of those holders are pretty easy to break open. Perhaps others can confirm/deny. I have never tried to open one.
FGS who? If you are keeping it for the PC you may want to bust it for easier storage.If you are considering even getting into graded cards I would bust it and if you want to grade it I would go with#1 Bgs or #2 Psa.If you grade to flip it for a profit most people want these two unless it is a big name player and the card is hard to locate.My opinion is BGS has a much nicer slab and better protected a lot of small company's the card rattles inside which in my opinion makes it worse that a top loader.As far as busting it is not to hard I have done it to both of the ones I mentioned Psa is the easiest one I have busted.If you decide to bust it let me know and I will tell you how I do it.Either way it is a nice card.I agree with mopar.
When or if I sell cards, it's only to buy more cards, never to flip or gain a profit, and I never sell or trade any Mets cards that I only have one of. I basically don't care a whole lot about the book values of my Mets cards which is why I don't really care wheter or not this card is graded. I guess it just seems silly to me to grade a card like this. The slab is actually not too bad. The card doesn't move at all and it seems pretty sturdy.

The little that I do know about grading is the BGS and PSA are the best and if I ever decide to get into grading, they would be the logical choice. I figured that this card at best would fetch about five bucks anyway.

I may just leave it in there and use it as incentive to get some of my nicer cards graded in the future. Thanks for the imput guys, it's very much appreciated.