A "Perfect" TTM In, 10/16

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Apr 25, 2006
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Don Larsen, signed 2 cards, a 1988 Pacific Legends #42 and a 1995 Mennan Skin Bracer Baseball Highlight card featuring his 1956 World Series Perfect Game. The Skin Bracer card will go great with a card from same set of a signed Bobby Thomson and his "Shot Heard Round The World.Only took about a week.Included $5.
Great return JeB...Very nice. I think you are lucky to have them. I was bummed this year when I heard of The Staten Island Scot, Bobby Thompson's passing. I sent out to George Blanda who started his career with my beloved Bears. 3 weeks later he passed away. I wish I had sent it earlier.
Congrats my friend , well done.
Thanks Bill,
I have done the same thing.But you never know when those things happen nor do I wish for it too, but it's fun to get those guys who meant so much to the game of baseball.Fortunately, I did get Mr.Blanda as well.He was a great signer TTM.
Well we may see the same type of history ...what if Halladay goes back 2 back ? WOW. and yes it is fun for me to get the guys frmo my youth.
Who could forget Bobby Thonpsons shot heard around the world ? Did you know he played for the Cubs at one time ?...
Thanks all. I didn't realize Bobby Thompson had played for the Cubs, but when you think of him you think Giants.Just like Babe Ruth and Yankees, but not Red Sox.
That is a very cool success! Larsen has always been responsive and has a great sig!

hatesgoats, I feel your pain. The same thing has happened to all of us over the years who have been active in TTM. Some times this happens to us, and some times we get lucky. For example, I was lucky enough to get a signed '75 Topps from Dave McNally several years ago. A week after it arrived I read of his passing in the newspaper. I had no idea he was ill at the time, and you sure couldn't tell from the sig. Hopefully, you'll have no problem picking up a Blanda for your Bears collection.