a real cool find


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I was in a second hand store the other day (Savers, or if you are in Canada, Value Village) and my son brings me a bag with two baseballs in it marked $1.99.

Looked at them and noticed that one of them was an AL ball. Cool. Then I looked at the sweet spot and saw that it had been signed, although I did not look too closely at first, figuring that I had either stumbled onto a signed ball for $1.00 or I had a nice AL ball for my son to practice with for $1.00

When I got home I took a closer look at the sig and figured out who it was....

Former Yankee and Padre Sterling Hitchcock, and it looks real to me comparing to some on eBay. Not a bad hit for $1.00 on a guy who is pretty tough TTM. :)


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Nice find my friend. Those places are neat to browse sometimes. I have found stuff in the Salvation Army stores and Goodwill.
Just remember 11 more months till # 3