A trade and a success on 6/11


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Trade with ragtop12 arrived, thank you good sir. The Mark Grace card looks excellent and makes up for a request I sent out to him 2 years ago and never got back.

Kyle Turris, c/o San Antonio Rampage, 3/3, 67 days.

VERY happy with it, as I sent it out and literally a day later the Rampage were eliminated from the playoffs and he was called up to the Coyotes. Also ,my first card for my 08-09 UD Rookie Class set. Postmarked from New York City, oddly (no idea why). He also personalized one but not the others.

A scan you say? Why certainly: http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u19/drew23235/TTM Successes/June 11/0611scan.jpg