Air Hogs v Diablos IP(LONG READ)

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Nov 4, 2009
Had an amazing time tonight at the Air Hogs game....Free tickets and dollar beer go a long way to make it fun. I took my two nephews again and the youngest one kind of does his own thing so I let him be. He got two baseballs signed by a lot of players but i really have no idea who he got and i kind of just let him go nuts solo....My oldest nephew(11) is starting to grasp this auto/memorabilia concept...Anyway, with maybe 200 people there, we had a field day...NOTE To those who have sent me Petralli, I did not see his son suited up and as of now, there is no transaction of him being released...however, i saw no sign of him there. Therefore, with such turnover, if i do find out he was released, i will of course send all Geno Petralli's back...

The night was as awesome as you could imagine a 15-0 drubbing(they lost). My oldest nephew actually got 7, yes i said seven baseballs at the game(3 from behind each dugout and one from the ump after the game) as well as a game used cracked bat from former UT player Michael Hollimon...that MADE HIS DAY...his use of please and sir, etc is really paying dividends at the independent level!! :)

we got 72 cards signed in total( he helped a little but honestly most guys signed whatever i gave them)..some are from 50/50...i got most of the inky's signed but still have 5 or 6 i will get next time for you guys...

Daniel Berg 6/6
Kyle Nichols 5/5
Greg Porter 6/6
Michael Hollimon 9/9 plus bat!!
David Espinosa 10/10
Jason Stokes 11/11
Dan Griffin 1/1
Butch Henry 9/9
Pete Incaviglia 15/16
(yes he skipped one!!)


thanks for reading!!!
Chris:cool: :cool: :cool:
thanks everyone!!!


i'm sure i can trade a stokes dupe i have.......might go again next wednesday too
He got two baseballs signed by a lot of players but i really have no idea who he got and i kind of just let him go nuts solo

Congrats! I have a Whitecaps ball from when I was 10-13 years old or so. About three seasons of random signatures, just who ever would sign my ball on the team. I look at that ball now and always wonder if I got any of the big names at the time like Joel Zumaya Fernando Rodney :D . It was always fun as a little kid at a ball game.