All-Star fanfest in San Diego results

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I havent posted in this area in a long time even though I've been busy getting plenty of guys IP at games and events, but a member here asked if I'd share my experience. I took a mini vacation to hit up the all-star festivities in San Diego last week. Went to the fanfest every day, left early on Sunday and Tuesday because I went to the futures game and wanted to watch the red carpet parade for the first time. I got pretty much every guy I was shooting for. I would've liked to have gotten Gary Sheffield but he was only signing on sunday night when I wasnt there. Otherwise it was nice to get some guys I had never gotten before, and all have the MLB Authentic hologram on the back of them. The only ones not authenticated are the Jeff Nelson, Jack Morris, and Pedro Martinez because I got them as they were walking around. Also got a bunch of freebies, might make some available for trade. Topps was giving out some nice oversize cards(I think they measure around 11" x 16". Everything I got signed I brought with me. The photos are 11x14s. Dravecky had never seen that photo before and loved it so I'm going to give him a copy(he lives 2 miles from me). Also have some extra futures game programs that I would be willing to trade. I got some good pics at the parade as well as some pictures with players I didnt get autos of(tim raines, etc).


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WOW what a haul! Pedro has a cool signature, and is a first ballot HOFer for sure!

Orlando Cepeda, a great legend, and some other awesome cards in there too! Loved your Dravecky comeback photos, I will always fondly remember the 1989 Giants season, the Bay Area World Series really solidified my love for baseball! There were some great characters and personalities on both teams, so excited that you got to meet some of them and make some fun memories!

Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see your great successes!

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Awesome collection - Dave Dravecky is always awesome with fans! I sent him a book a few years ago and he signed it and sent it back in like 10 days.


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Thanks for sharing your experience. It looked like a lot of fun and you had a good time Always nice to see you in Stockton. Maybe we will see each other again this season. By the way, is one of your Giants Klesko available for trade?