All Star Game Ip Auto


5.00 star(s)
awsome time at the all star game! was cheering for the NL so thats good ;) got there an hour early try to get some graphs. was packed! so stayed away from the dug outs. went behind home plate.saw troy tulowitzki. he auto for a girl witrh fake boobs and blew off the 2 kids standing and waiting. what a class act. so went after rob dibble and he str8 said no im late. and scurred away. next came larry and thought what the hell. so i got larry king on a baseball. nice auto of a great news man. i was happy at least i got 1. lol


typical they blow off kids but hey anyone knows a pair beats two sinles anyday lol.. with him signing off this year that may have been the best auto to get too.