An early christmas present

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Apr 8, 2008
Here is a little introduction to how this happened. As most of you know Cubs great Ron Santo passed away, and a local news affiliate interviewed Don Kessinger giving his memories of playing with Santo and his sympathies to the family. Im not sure if Mr. kessinger is living somewhere locally or if they just interviewed him because he went to Ole Miss and then played with Santo so he is Mississippi's connection to Santo. After seeing the interview i began explaining who Kessinger and Santo were to my fiance thinking she had no idea and then later to prove to me that she did know, she gave me an early christmas present she had bought me, it was an authentic Don Kessinger signed baseball on the sweet spot of an OMLB with thr inscription "6x All Star"... Kessinger played 16 years in the major leagues and was a 6x all star, 2x gold glove winner, and a member of the Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame... As far as credentials go, Kessinger is probably the best baseball player to come out of Ole Miss so this was a great addition to my Ole Miss PC!!! Fir those of you who dont know, Santo (a 9x all star) and kessinger (a 6x all star) played 10 seasons together with the chicago cubs at (santo at 3rd and kessinger at ss) and they played in 4 all star games together as well... I hated to hear the news about Santo but i do agree with Mr. Kessinger that the Veterans committee will probably elect Santo to the HOF one day, just wish they would've done it while he was still living.


Thanks and sorry for the long read!
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awesome return!!Kessinger does live in Oxford as i wrote to him last year about my visit to Oxford in 05 when UT and Ole Miss played in the super regional. He wrote a note back saying that was a great series and how both those teams were too good to be facing each other in a super regional...anyway, that is a sweet one...cant wait to see a pic!!
Thanks guys!

CW13: That's cool that he wrote you back! I've heard alot of stories about kessinger being great with fans when he came back to Ole Miss to coach after his playing days were over

Also, if you have picture messaging on your phone, you can send it to your email adress and then save it to your computer so you can load it to Photobucket. :)