An out of this world return today - 12-6-10

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Sep 16, 2008
Mooresville, IN
Was super excited to see today's return!!!

I am a life-long NASA and Space enthusiast. My bookshelf has a few hundred space-related books, but my autograph collection had no Astronauts...
well I had to change that

My younger brother, who just turned 16 yesterday, recently enrolled in Indiana Aerospace Jr/Sr High School. I have finally fed him enough interesting facts to get him interested and he is now looking at attending college to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

I had 2 8x10s printed at Walgreen's and sent them off a few months ago. Got both back signed and personalized to my brother and I. They also added a signed crew photo of STS-116!!! Looking closely at the signatures, I believe they are real and not! Also very nice to include a note, which I believe is written by Colleen Shipman (who was the victim of an attempted kidnapping by the former NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak). All in all, an exciting success and I will definitely be sending some more out to add to my collection.

Only two more scheduled Shuttle flights remain, with a third in planning.


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Thanks for viewing, and reach for the stars with your collections!!!
Wow!! very nice returns. I love seeing these types of non-baseball successes.
thanks everyone

and baseball1fan: that is awesome, I envy you.

John Blaha flew on 6 different Shuttle Missions! And had a long duration mission aboard the Mir space station. I actually just read a book, "Dragonfly: NASA And The Crisis Aboard Mir" by Bryan Burrough....that had a great profile of Mr. Blaha's mission. It is a fairly technical read but a fun book overall. A great insight into the cooperation (or lack of ;)) of the U.S. and Russian space programs during the Shuttle/Mir program. I read that Blaha had a tough time adapting to life on the station and actually suffered a pretty serious bout of depression during his mission. After his 118 days though he had battled through and completed a pretty successful mission.
Yeah, he had some very interesting stories about the things you just mentioned. A funny one I thought was that one of the windows on the station wasn't protected, and the astronauts were warned not to pass in front of it but John forgot about the warning and the hair on his arm got singed off as a result of the UV. I thought that was pretty interesting. :D :D
Too cool, it....:) The pics are great, too.:)

PS...Did you get my trade pm?? LOL.