Andre Dawson Certified Autograph Card Collection (265)

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
I finally finished scanning "My Andre Dawson Certified Autograph Card Collection". I've still got 172 IP/TTM Autograph Cards to scan, but I'm going to give my scanner a couple days off! If you have some time, please take a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to post which card you like the best. I also wouldn't mind some constructive criticism at all.

*Andre Dawson Certified Autograph Card Collection*

I'm not a big fan of Photobucket myself, but eveything is labeled and in chronological order for easy viewing! (There are ALOT of variations!)

You got some great looking cards there, congrats on the collection. My fav is 2000 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Signatures (Blue). Look forward to seeing the IP/TTM collection once you get it up.

- Chris
great collection... favorites 07 co-signers duel moonshot...84 buy-back topps certf. stamp expos uni big afro...and the donruss dk's....
Really love seeing the collection Craig. Those DLP Recollection Collections are great. Let's see my favorite on-card non-sticker now! ;)

Chris - Thanks! I appreciate that!

Mike - Thank you! Although scanning is not fun, I do enjoy looking over the cards while I'm doing it.

Seanp167 - Thanks! The Moon Shots cards were a pretty cool idea by Topps.

zimmerman1995 - Thank you!

AJ - Thank you sir! You've got a nice "nest of Hawks" I wouldn't mind having myself!

valediction - I'd have to say Topps All-Time Fan Favorites is my favorite brand since I got back into collecting in 2004. Although I prefer the 2003 set because of the '87 Topps Border they used on Dawson's card. One of my favorite cards.

Tai - Thank you sir!

Brad - Thanks buddy!

jaderock - Thanks! That is an honor coming from you with the collection you look at daily!

Is that all you got?;)

Still, a fine collection though!;)

I always preferred the Expos cards of Dawson, dating back to 1978 when that shiny trophy decorated his first solo card.

I know your scanning pain too. I finally found motivation to scan some Garvey stuff and paid the ultimate price. No room to complain because I was stupid, but after 2 days of scanning oversized items to the tune of over 500 pictures...they were gone like that! I had kept a desktop folder, preparing to edit and crop the photos. I let my boys play online computer games and it appears they accidentally trashed the folder. I had not yet backed up the folder (It had only been 2 days, but no excuse)! The motivation is now gone.
Curt - Something I've noticed when it comes to scanning is that if the motivation isn't there, it's NOT going to happen!

Jeff - Thanks!

Wow, that is a very nice collection. I have to say, Dawson has one of the cleanest and nicest sigs out there.


Wow. Great collection. I love how he "personalizes" some of the autos - adding his jersey #, MVP, ROY, etc. Makes the autos more interesting.