Another awesome haul via trade/Ebay!!


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The Marquis Daniels card was bought on Ebay for $3 dlvd, not bad since I wasn't ever able to get him IP when he was playing with the Mavericks. All the other stuff is trades/gifts from Chris (CW13) - thanks a lot buddy. You're the man!!!

Marquis Daniels - Ebay

Danny Wheat/Bill Zeigler

Mike Hargrove

Geno Petralli

Eleno Ornelas

Ron Washington

Alex Hicks

Mike Simms

Rangers Captain

Jim Sundberg

Michael Choice GU

Vance Law

Dallas Gallant

Aaron Meade


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love the gallant card since he is from the alma mater, they will make big news tomorrow by ousting baylor from the tourney


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glad you like them!! next time you are down here, we need to book rangers captain for a party!i'm sure Halk will be up for that too... :)

fyi i saw choice hit one about 430 ft to dead center over a 20 ft high batter's eye in yesterday's game. he is now hitting .387 with 6 bombs in 62 ab's and an OBP at .518 thru 17 games....