Another big auto day -9/26/09

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
My wife and I drove over to Mobile, AL today and I actually got her to sit and go through cards with me for about two hours; which is amazing for her to actually sit there and do that with me that long. I ended up getting about 40 misc. cards for $11, not too bad. Now to the goodies when we got back to the house this afternoon...

Don Lock - 3/4 (29 days)
11725 W Alderny Ct Apt #42
Wichita, KS 67212-6510
*Kept 1 custom that I included for him.

Bob Chance - 3/4 (7 days)
2258 Oakridge Drive
Charleston, WV 25311
*Kept 1 custom that I included for him.

Luis Gonzalez - 1/1 (9 days)
c/o Arizona Diamondbacks
P.O. Box 2095
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Clark Murphy - purchase from dp33
Thomas Diamond - purchase from Ebay
Congrats on a very nice mail day, Andrew! I also received Luis Gonzalez, c/o D'backs today, 1/1, in about 9 days.