Another day another set hit

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Feb 3, 2007
San Jacinto, Ca.
This one comes from Daniel_B here at THE BENCH

Bill Buckner :D

Great pick up, Robert! Buckner was a terrific player! You should have seen him in his Dodger days. The man could flat out fly! Yes, the same slow footed first baseman you remember from the '86 Series used to have a set of wheels on him. Injuries clearly slowed him down. I always wondered what kind of career he would have had if he wasn't beset by knee and foot injuries throughout his career.

Now, I know we all remember Mookie's grounder between his legs, but Buckner wasn't a bad first baseman, but he sure as heck didn't have a lot of range during that point in his career. Trust me, Dave Kingman was much worse at first base.